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Homeschooling in Germany is still forbidden

Homeschooling in Germany is still forbidden. While the most countries allow parents to educate their children, germany thinks parents are not able to. Public teachers are better than any parents, and homeschooling means social isolation. And then there was corona. We realized, that all these lies are not true. Government decided that parents have to educate at home. One day to another, without any preparation. Teacher were not able to support, neither willing nor technically approved. No skype, no zoom, no explanaitions, nothing at all. Just some copied papers with the same boring homework. Didnt they tell us not to educate children? And now we have to? We realized: Corona changed everything. From now on we are able. We realized we do it better than many uninterested parents.

But how to change the governments view on it? Parents opened different petitions so Bundestag and other Landtage are forced to decide about it. Until now parents are not allowed to because they dont understand what homeschooling means. Social distancing was the main reason to be against homeschooling. Thats why homeschooling is still forbidden in Germany. But corona crisis changed everything. Social distancing was the main govermental position. State governments and mrs. merkel decided so. So this argument isnt existing any more. Bad prepared schools without technical abilities, data security and uninterested teachers lead to bad teching experience at home – until parents took these chance to make it better. Its what parents do who makes this school world still working. Teachers are not able to regulary call their students. They dont work on online class platforms like moodle or google classroom. Parents were forced to be better teachers and took this chance. this is why we need changed regulations. What parents did needs right now to be a chance for all.

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